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Welcome to our bluetit diary for 2022

I have reluctantly decided that I shall not be updating this diary this year.  I shall keep the webcams running and if I can, I shall update the Summary and Overview pages but that is all.

Both boxes were given their autumn clean as usual and I didn't find any unhatched eggs in either box.

As regular readers of this web site will know, I have been keeping this diary about the nesting of the blue (and occasionally great) tits in our garden in Mayford, Surrey since February 2001.  The Overview page gives the dates of the principal events, such as the start of nest building, egg laying, hatching and fledging, and the important statistics, such as how many eggs were laid, hatched and fledged.  Also each year has its own Summary page which gives more details about that year's events.

In 2013, 2015 and 2016, two females shared the nest box between them, laying a total of 21 eggs in 2013, 18 eggs in 2015 and 17 in 2016.  To watch the two hens co-operating with incubating and feeding the chicks was amazing - I did not realise such things happened!

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Old News - 2 females share 1 nest!

Tuesday 14th May, 2013

This was the first year that two females cooperated in bringing up a joint brood.  It shows Sam, the male, passing food to Scruff, the second female to lay eggs in the box, while Sally looks on. 

After an initial awkwardness, both females appear to be completely at ease with the presence of the other female.




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