Bluetit Diary    Jan 2020 (1)



Monday 6th January, 2020

Although Box1 has been mounted for a few days now, there has been very little if any, activity inside it.

It was cleaned as usual, by removing last year's nesting material, and then rinsing it out with boiling water to kill off any remaining mites.  This shows the box in its pristine state.

Here a bluetit stuck its head into Box1, but it didn't go inside.



Tuesday 7th January, 2020

This time, it's gone into the box.

A second bird flies onto the entrance hole.  Judging by its appearance, it isn't the inside bird's partner.

The newcomer enters the box and goes into the attack straight away.

The original occupier is now on its back ...

... and seems to be losing the battle.

There is no mercy when it is a fight over a nesting site (or is it a female?)

Well, the one on its back appears to have managed to get up again.

Are their fortunes reversing?

No - it was only as a prelude to an escape - the newcomer has won!



Wednesday 8th January, 2020

Another visit to Box1.

And another.

Visitors to any of our boxes always seem fascinated by marks on the walls or the floor.

Another visit.

Has something attracted its attention?

This bird looks different. Look at those head feathers - they are streaked with white - an older bird perhaps. Almost definitely male.

Another visitor. I would have said from their head feathers that the first bird was male and the second female. This is also consistent with the fact that they are not fighting!

A later visit - by the female? Or is it a different bird entirely?

Whatever it is, it looks as though it's settling down for the night.

Yes. It is now fast asleep!