Announcement of the termination of BBF

14th January, 2019

Following Elizabeth's death last year, several members have asked me about the future of BBF.

BBF was setup following some problems Elizabeth had had with Bird Forum, which had resulted in her being banned from that forum.  BBF was established primarily to give her and other like minded birders a forum in which details of the happenings in the nest boxes installed in our various gardens could be discussed and shared.

Up until now, my response to those enquiries has been to say that as long as this could be done without significant cost or technical effort, BBF will continue.

Unfortunately, shortly before Christmas 1&1, who host BBF, gave us notice that they are withdrawing support for the key software component on which BBF depends.  To overcome this would be very expensive and require a lot of technical man time.  I have therefore decided that as of the end of February, which is the date from which we can no longer use this software, BBF will be discontinued.

I much regret that we cannot continue with BBF as I know that Elizabeth would have wanted to do this if at all possible.  However, I also know that she would have been realistic enough to realise that following the withdrawal of support for the core software used by BBF, it was inevitable.

I have enjoyed reading about the antics of your nesting birds and hope that you will all quickly find a new home for these discussions.

Thank you all for your support over the fourteen years of BBF's existance!